Nicolò Andronio

Nicolò Andronio

Full-stack developer, computer scientist, engineer
Evil Genius in the spare time

Salutations, traveler!

Hi folks! My name is Nicolò - Nick for short - and here you can find any information about me. Whether you are seeking someone to hire or just looking to know a bit more about me, this is the right place. To start discovering my awesomeness, please insert a coin… or inspect my updated curriculum vitae a few pixels below. If you want to contact me, please send me an email first! I always answer within 24 hours.

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About me

I am a programmer, an engineer, a geek. I seek elegance, cleverness and wit in everything: be it code, nature or society, I’m always trying to pierce through and see what lies beyond. That is difficult, sometimes. Every system is complex in its own way but once its foundations and core mechanisms are understood, you can grasp its very essence. That is my way of thinking: elegance and simplicity will solve every problem.

Elegance is the intersection of simplicity and functionality.

I am not sure who put this amazing concept in words for the first time. I tried to find the author of such an exceptional pearl but I did not succeed. Over the years it has become my personal motto, and I think it summarizes the art of engineering in the most concise yet effective way.

These few lines describe my professional philosophy, but of course I am not just a developer. True, I spend most of my time writing code; at times I am so surprised and maybe a tad bit scared of myself, coming home from my job just to start working on another personal project, thus filling my entire day with development. It is a huge part of my life, it has always been. However there are a lot of other things I enjoy! For example:

Disclaimer! I am an introvert! This may render some situations awkward, but there is a simple algorithm you can apply to solve any of such problems:

const nick = new Introvert();
while (nick.isSilent()) {
if (!nick.isDead()) {
const topic = Topic.random({ smalltalk: false });
const question = topic.newInterestingQuestion();