Nicolò Andronio

Nicolò Andronio

Full-stack developer, computer scientist, engineer
Evil Genius in the spare time


Music is a weird beast for me. I like music as a form of art. I appreciate artists and composers, yet I rarely listen to anything. Whereas many people find it relaxing to listen to their favourite songs while developing, I find it incovenient, as I lose myself in the music itself rather than focusing on my work. However, I do enjoy a brief moment of leisure from time to time, my favourite genres being classical piano, orchestral, fantasy themes and videogames soundtracks, especially those with an epic vibe. You can find many awe-inspiring tunes in my lenghty spotify fantasy playlist.

I occasionally play something myself, albeit rather sparingly. After attening music school for 5 years during high school, I never accrued enough willpower or free time to seriously work up my skills. Ultimately, my piano level is slightly more than amateurish. Nevertheless, I’d like to share some songs I recorded.

Go with the flow

2019, digital keyboard

From my favourite contemporary composer, Giovanni Allevi:

Angry birds main theme

2017, kaiser vertical piano

Sometimes I just like to play funky tones:

Playing love

2016, kaiser vertical piano

This is from famous composer Ennio Morricone, starred in one of the best movies ever made; The Legend of 1900:

Back to life

2015, kaiser vertical piano

From Allevi again, but recorded few years ealirer on my piano in my childhood house: